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INTRODUCING THE NEW 5 POINT LIFT! Using a Unique Combination of the latest non- surgical technologies Cryolipolysis, Body HIFU and shockwave, we can specifically sculpt and shape your most tricky stubborn areas for an overall solution.

Areas that can be improved with this treatment:

abdomen fat reduction stomach

Muffin Top

Inner Thighs

abdomen fat reduction stomach


fat reduction bum


Lower Buttocks

How It Works

Using a unique combination of the latest non-surgical technologies cryolipolysis, HIFU and shockwave, we can specifically sculpt and shape your most intimate areas.

This treatment aims to tackle five of the bodies most intimate areas including the stomach, love handles, inner thighs, buttocks and lower buttock in one course of treatments using the applicable technologies to achieve the desired look.

Love Island’s Olivia Buckman was recently in the press after having her 3D 5 point lift to give her a pre-Valentine’s Day boost!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments are recommended?

This signature treatment is a package of 8 to achieve best results.

What results can I expect from this treatment?

The 5 point Lift will sculpt, shape and define the love handles abdomen, inner thighs, and buttocks for an overall enhancement. You will see a visible reduction in stubborn fat and cellulite, giving an overall smoothing effect in addition to lifting and tightening the buttocks.

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time

Up to 1 hour per treatment

Back To Work


Full Recovery




Sensitivity Period

Up to 7 days

Visible Results

After 3-4 weeks

Duration Of Results

Long-term results

Risks And Complications

Possible mild redness. bruising, and tenderness post treatment

Recommended Number Of Treatments


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Speak to one of our specialists to discuss which areas you want to improve and to determine the best treatment for you.