Tech Explained

Using a bespoke approach, this signature package is a unique non- invasive treatment using a combination of electro and duo cryo therapy in addition to effectively reduce fat, in this common problem area.  This treatment is best for targeting these stubborn areas that just won’t shift.

Areas that can be improved with this treatment:

Inner Thigh

How It Works

Using Duo 3D-cryotherapy we can target stubborn fat in this common problem area on the inner thigh in just one single treatment.

This treatment targets specifically the fat cells on the inner thigh area. By lowering the temperature to -6 degrees it pinpoints the content of the fat cells, causing 20-40% of the fat cells in that area to die. No other structures are affected by this process. The remaining content of the fat cells is then disposed of naturally through the body’s lymphatic system.

The 3D-thigh gap treatment is an entirely non-invasive fat reduction treatment with only 1 treatment required. This is a simple 1 hour, pain free treatment which requires no needles, surgery or downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments are recommended?

This is a one-off treatment.

What results can I expect from this treatment?

On average you will see a 20%-40% reduction of the fat in the localised area. As the body takes several months to flush out the dead fat cells, results will be visible after 8-12 weeks*.

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time

Up to 60 minutes

Back To Work


Full Recovery




Sensitivity Period

Up to 10 days

Visible Results

From 8-12 weeks

Duration Of Results

Long-term results

Risks And Complications

Possible bruising, redness, slight numbness for 10 days

Recommended Number Of Treatments

One-off treatment

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